Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Water Damage Expert

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Homeowners make the common mistake of undermining a water damage issue. Hence, they only remove the excess water from the floor or the basement without identifying the actual cause.

In addition to apparent water leaks, water damage can be due to several hidden plumbing issues. Ignoring the water damage for long leads to disastrous consequences, such as ceiling collapse, weak foundation, basement flooding, and electricity supply disruption.

The following guide presents the top five reasons to hire an IICRC-certified water damage expert. These professionals have years of experience detailing all kinds of water damage, whether clean, grey, or black. Also, they completely restore the property to pre-water damage by storms, floods, or burst pipes.

Hiring a professional for water damage restoration

If you don’t want to compromise the safety and protection of your home and family, you should hire a certified water damage professional. If you don’t agree, we give you five reasons to consult the domain experts for water damage restoration.

Reason # 1: Mold treatment

Extracting water is one of many steps the professionals perform. The duty doesn’t stop after removing the water; instead, the teams must identify the water damage to fix it permanently. One of the most crucial parts of water damage restoration is mold identification and treatment to minimize health hazards. The homeowners usually use a clean cloth to remove the mold spots without properly identifying them. After removing the spots, the homeowners don’t use the required treatments and chemicals to prevent mold growth and spread.

As a result of dusting off, the mold spores spread to other places, such as furniture and mattresses, and finally, reach the toilet to make colonies in the drain pipes. If you don’t want indoor air quality to degrade, you should call the experts for proper mold remediation, dehumidification, and disinfection.

Reason # 2: Insurance coverage

Water damage requires a hefty investment. However, timely repair and proper documentation certainly help in insurance claims. A water damage expert analyzes the extent of the water damage and compiles a detailed report required by insurance companies. Besides, the professionals offer the best cost estimate according to the customized water damage repair to benefit homeowners and insurance companies.

The insurance companies urge homeowners to submit a claim as soon as they discover water damage. However, if you ignore or do the repairs yourself, you won’t be able to claim insurance. That’s why it’s best to call professionals for proper evaluation and insurance claim documentation.

A pro tip: If you live in a region that receives heavy rainfall and floods, you should have separate flood insurance in addition to the standard home insurance policy.

Reason # 3: Effective water damage repair in less time

The professionals follow standard steps from initial inspection to final testing to ensure service quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why it’s best to consult the domain experts for water damage restoration instead of doing a DIY project. The professionals don’t just repair the drywall, floor, or ceiling; instead, they identify the root cause of the water damage.

On the other hand, the homeowners simply address the water damage to drywall by installing a new patch. As a result, the leak or the crack in the plumbing system still seeps water through the walls reaching out to the electrical outlets. The professionals use sensors to determine the cause of water damage. Next, they try to contain the spread of damage to minimize mold growth and damage to other belongings and furniture.

Reason # 4: Advanced equipment

One of the most significant reasons behind hiring a professional is to benefit from their experience of using advanced cleaners and vacuum pumps. Homeowners can’t afford or invest in industry-grade equipment to extract flood water from the basement. It will take weeks to remove water using buckets while the standing water rots the wooden foundations. Standing or accumulated water poses more safety threats, often leading to mold growth. Hence, you can’t wait to remove water on your own.

In case of an emergency pipe burst or torrential rain, don’t hesitate to take help from professionals who can extract gallons of water using heavy-duty pumps. Besides water extraction, the specialists use moisture meters and other sensors to detect hidden leaks within the walls or ceiling. Effective water extraction is the key, and only professionals promise 100 percent water removal with thorough sanitization and mold treatment.

Reasons # 5: Categories of water damage

It’s difficult for homeowners to differentiate between different types of water damage. However, a water damage expert has the desired experience identifying and repairs all kinds of water repairs, including:

Category one – If a toilet tank, faucet, or water heater leaks clean water, it’s known as category one water damage.

Category two – A leaking or overflowing toilet or a malfunctioning appliance, such as a laundry, when comes in contact with a cleaning solution accounts for category two water damage.

Category three – It’s the worst water damage in which sewage or groundwater overflows and floods the basement.

A professional water damage repair team first identifies the category and assesses the extent of the water damage to offer the desired solution. On the other hand, homeowners usually remove the water and apply any temporary fix or patch without finding the root cause of the water damage.

Final thoughts

If you see any water damage signs in your home, it’s best to call the experts. Why? It’s because you’ll have the peace of mind that experts are handling the job well, and you don’t have to worry about any future mold growth or water damage. Also, you don’t have to worry about all the necessary documentation to claim insurance, as the water damage experts include reports and permits in their deliverables.

As homeowners, you can’t ignore the signs of water damage, such as water spots, mold growth, and leaking or dripping ceilings. If you don’t want to compromise your family’s safety, don’t wait to call the water damage experts, such as Garden City Water Damage Repair services.